If I have questions, who should I consult?

A lot of men is asking questions like: „How can the erectile dysfunction drugs affect our health?“ or „is it good for me?“. These questions are answered in the first place by your doctor or general practitioner. They will answer all the question in general but if you are suffering from a special disease you might want to consult your closest specialist in this field, so he can give you precise information on how will using these drugs affect your health or what it might lead to because of your condition.

The safety is always first

Most of the drugs are tested and produced under a watchful eye. The producers try to eliminate as much side effects as is needed but every man has a different body and the manufacturers cannot really cover all the population so there might be some side effects still. But don’t worry, apart raging erection you can suffer a little from nausea or headache. In the most rare cases you might even vomit, but these are extreme cases which don’t happen to often and the users sometimes „forget“ about something they should’ve known.

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