You should not only relyon pills

Erectile dysfunction syndrome is not something you should underestimate when you are dealing with it. It is a disease that is troubling and long-term and without a radical change of lifestyle, you might be stuck with this forever. How to improve your erection you ask? Well the solution’s never been easier.

There are many ways

Smoking can have a huge negative impact on your ability to maintain erection or to achieve orgasm. One in two heavy smokers is suffering, in some way, by an ED syndrome. It doesn’t only affect your lungs but a density of healthy blood cells and their capability of „relaxing“ and allowing the blood flow into your penis. Apart from lung cancer, smoking is also responsible for testicular cancer that might lead to a sudden end in your late night activities. You might also consider doing sports or sport to get you a little movement apart from sitting all day. A 20 minute walk every day can make a huge difference and imagine if you started running or playing tennis.


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